Russia Icon Kazan Mother of God 84 Silver Oklad by Semyon Galkin

$ 795.00

 Exquisite Late 19th / Early 20th century Russian icon by famed Moscow silversmith Semyon Galkin. Hallmarked 84 silver oklad backed by wood panel. Painting behind oklad is executed on iron panel (yes iron!). I opened the icon to see the entire painting, and when I saw there was rust on the back of the panel, I decided to see if it was magnetic, which it was.

The quality of the engraving is superb, very fine lines etched into the silver plaque, I tried to photograph the icon to accent the details so they're visible. The first photo is what it looks like from a distance. The rim of the icon has the remainder of a gold wash on it, so this was definitely a high status item.

Icon measures 5.25 x 4.25" x .5" not including yoke.

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