Half Plate Daguerreotype Gold Rush era Exterior Horse Whiskey Barrel

$ 18,500.00 $ 12,000.00

A spectacular museum grade Half Plate daguerreotype from the Gold Rush era, recently discovered in San Francisco. Features an exterior scene of a horse delivering large wooden barrels marked Whiskey and Brandy. A group of five men are posing at the rear of the horse, one man holds its reins.

Possibly a special event is being captured by the photographer, one can imagine the barrels were ordered for the opening of a saloon. The men appear to be dressed in their finest outfits, white felt hats; the man at far left ( visible with matte removed) wears a bow tie and silk vest.

The style of case & brass matte (embellished, but not over the top) suggest a date of around the early 1850s, paralleling the discovery of gold at Sutters Mill in 1848.

The image has been wiped at some point, which has left a residue, I suspect it could be washed off and cleaned by a specialist (not someone I have access to). Also the front protective glass is missing, and the case hinge is split.

Case measures 6” tall x 4.75” wide when closed.

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