Guaranteed Genuine

Recently at a flea market, I came across a vase that had a provenance sticker on the bottom. I didn't buy the vase because of a condition issue, but I had the presence of mind to photograph the sticker. The sticker came from a now defunct London antique store  specializing in Staffordshire pottery, called Oliver Sutton Antiques.


What resonated with me was the last line on the label, "Guaranteed Genuine." With very rare exception, all on the items I deal in are in fact genuine antiques, the exception being the occasional period made reproduction. It's a good bit of marketing, and I wouldn't put the sticker on anything of which I'm not 100% sure.

So I went on Zazzle and whipped up these little beauties. I plan on using the negative space in the O and Q to hand write the date of acquisition, and maybe a stock number.


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